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At Moving Toward Center, we strive to create a nurturing and peaceful atmosphere where students of all ages, fitness levels and abilities can come together to explore a balanced lifestyle, embracing yoga, health and wellness.


What is your intention?  


Our lives are often challenging, hectic and sometimes even overwhelming – our energy rapidly fluctuating from high to low.  Through yoga, we can bring ourselves back to a balanced state, invigorating us when our energy is low or grounding us when we’re frantic or anxious.


Moving toward center is a journey. From the moment we step on our mats, we find more than just a way of moving, we find a way of being. We explore the deepest parts of ourselves and embrace the present moment. We find our center, the perfectly balanced still point that exists in all of us.


Moving Toward Center offers customized classes, workshops and private instruction for individuals and groups in professional and private settings. Contact us to book a session or check out our classes in Chicago.



"Moving toward center

is a journey."

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